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Read our annotated bibliography of collected publications on forest science for the Sierra Nevada and southern Cascades here, or view the articles below.

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Communicating Restoration to the Public

  • Nine simple tips for communicating science to the public
  • Sierra Institute published a storymap to explain how drought, tree mortality and wildfire are connected, the need for active forest management in California, local restoration economies, and how small diameter tree utilization can be a solution for to create more resilient forests.
  • UC Davis’s Christina Restraino and Stanford’s Greg Asner explain the bark beetle epidemic (including forest management and biomass utilization) to the general public in this 18 minute audio recording of a live Science Friday session.
  • This TEDx Talk presented by Paul Hessburg of the Forest Service’s Pacific Northwest Research Station, explains how fire suppression has led to the increase in wildfire and what forest management is needed (using animation to great effect).

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