Burney-Hat Creek Community Forest and Watershed Group

The Burney Hat Creek Community Forest and Watershed Group (BHCCFWG) is a collaborative forestry effort founded in 2009.  This group is dedicated to improving social, environmental, and economic conditions in the Burney Creek and Hat Creek Watersheds.  These two watersheds include all of the land that drains into Burney Creek and Hat Creek, totaling 364,250 acres, 58 percent of which is managed by the Lassen National Forest.  Another 29 percent is owned by large private forestland owners and four percent by large ranches.  The communities of Burney, Johnson Park, Hat Creek, Cassel, and Old Station lie within these two watersheds.  Local communities suffer from high unemployment and face high risk of wildfire in surrounding forests.  There is a recognized need for a coordinated public-private effort to address these and other concerns.

The BHC CFLR is expanding their goals and vision into future projects while advancing implementation of landscape scale fuel reduction and forest health projects.  They are investigating more grant funding opportunities to complete NEPA, increase treatment implementation, and improve outreach.  They are currently investigating the use of the Good Neighbor Authority (GNA) to treat both private and public lands within the BHC boundary; evaluating grant funding for recreational opportunities to improve economic growth within our communities, and assessing how the collaborative can help increase prescribed burning activities for all lands within the BHC CFLR area.  Additionally they recently approved their collaborative ecological monitoring plan and are now researching and developing their socioeconomic monitoring.

Participating Stakeholders:

  • Fall River Conservancy
  • Fall River RCD
  • Fruit Grower Supply Company
  • Hat Creek Fire Safe Council
  • Lassen Forest Preservation
  • Lassen Volcanic National Park
  • McArthur-Burney State Park
  • Natural Resource Conservation Service
  • Pit River Tribe
  • Sierra Nevada Conservancy
  • Sierra Pacific Industries
  • Stewardship Council
  • Tubit Enterprises
  • W.M. Beaty and Associates




2015 Annual Report

CFLR Proposal



Meeting notes available here